The Patriot Cinema.

Curated. Boutique. Diverse. The Patriot Cinema is coming in 2017.

Frequently asked quesTions

How will you accommodate parking? Won't The Patriot Cinema make parking more difficult?

Because The Patriot Cinema will feature luxury seating, the audience capacity will be lower than our current theater. Whereas we currently have 442 seats, The Patriot Cinema will offer approximately 250. As such, the parking burden will be significantly decreased. We will also consider the reality of parking needs when planning the variety of programming offered every day at The War Memorial. By spreading our parking needs throughout the week, refurbishing our space to work within the current parking capacity, and being respectful of our residential and institutional neighbors, we expect to offer an easier, stress-free parking experience.

Haven't you already been screening movies?

Yes. For the past year-and-a-half, The War Memorial's Movies on Sunday programming has offered feature film presentations in our theater. From classics (Singin' in the Rain), to contemporary masterpieces (The Theory of Everything), to provocative documentaries (The Hunting Ground), patrons have enjoyed these one-night-only events, hosted by a variety of personalities, including Ann Delisi and Jerome Vaughn. The popularity and success of Movies on Sunday has helped to inform our decision to launch The Patriot Cinema.

Why will The Patriot Cinema operate for 43 weeks yearly, rather than 52 weeks?

Because we remain strongly committed to the success of our community groups and partners, The Patriot Cinema space will be available for bookings and special events nine weeks each year, such as large-scale live musical theater productions.

Will construction of The Patriot Cinema affect weddings?

We understand that the word construction can cause concern when planning a wedding, but The War Memorial remains thoroughly committed to making our guests’ ceremonies and receptions as special and perfect as possible. Our gardens and ballroom are not included in the renovation plans, and most of the construction will take place in areas of our campus that will not affect weddings whatsoever. Temporary walls will be constructed and draperies will be used to hide the construction in the theater lobby. The theater itself will remain available as backup ceremony space, in case of inclement weather.

Who owns The Patriot Cinema?

The War Memorial owns and will operate The Patriot Cinema. We have partnered with Emagine Entertainment, the regional leader in entertainment, to provide a first-class theatrical experience, but the physical space remains under the ownership of The War Memorial. We will continue to own and operate the Cinema privately, and all staff members will be employed by The War Memorial.

Why did you choose to do this?

The War Memorial recently invested significant energy in a strategic planning process, which included wide-ranging community surveys. Through this process, many community members voiced the same concern: the need within Grosse Pointe for recreation space — a place for amusement and inspiration. The Patriot Cinema was born from this strategic planning process.

What will a typical schedule look like?

It is our sincere aim to be respectful of the neighboring community with regard to The Patriot Cinema's schedule. The Patriot Cinema will operate Tuesday through Sunday, with morning, afternoon, and evening shows. Showtimes will be scheduled to prevent any screening running past 11pm. During those times when The War Memorial's campus is exceptionally busy — for instance, during SummerFest or a large private event, we will have the ability to temporarily close The Patriot Cinema.

Are you getting rid of the stage?

No — our stage and theatrical lighting will remain in place, and the movie screen will be retractable. The Patriot Cinema will retain and enhance the multi-functional aspects of The War Memorial's theater space, providing a stage for live theatrical performances, presentations by influential speakers, and performances by world-class musicians and artists. The unique hybrid space will also boast an area for modular seating and luxury boxes.

How will you curate the programming?

Because of our unique partnership with Emagine Entertainment, The Patriot Cinema will have access to a diverse and exciting selection of programming ranging from first-run blockbusters to influential art films. The Cinema will also foster an ecosystem for film festivals and live broadcasts including sporting and cultural events. Programming will be curated based on multiple criteria, including an assessment of which films will be available for licensing, which films are not being shown in close proximity, and which films offer our community a strong entertainment, societal, or artistic value. We believe that room exists at The Patriot Cinema for both film-as-entertainment and film-as-art.

Who will be able to come to The Patriot Cinema?

Everyone. The Patriot Cinema will not be exclusive to Grosse Pointe residents, but rather open to the public from all communities. As with any public space, we are committed to a safe, comfortable, and quality patron experience for all. We will work closely with private security and local law enforcement to ensure that guests of The Patriot Cinema feel secure and protected, and thus able to enjoy an exceptional theatrical outing.

Why did you call it The Patriot Cinema?

A portion of every Patriot Cinema sale will be donated to The War Memorial's Patriot Initiative, which provides financial support to organizations that deliver high-value services to patriots. In so doing, The Patriot Cinema will further mobilize The War Memorial's support of our nation's heroes — patriots in every form, from veterans to local police.

What is The Patriot Initiative?

The Patriot Initiative is a special fund at The War Memorial, created to promote American patriotism and to honor our heroes. The Patriot Initiative grants financial support to organizations that excel at providing high-value services to patriots. Through the Patriot Initiative, The War Memorial aims to honor, serve, and advocate for our heroes, to foster growth and awareness of patriotic issues, and to engage our community. Last year, The War Memorial provided grants to Blue Star Mothers, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, and the Seventeenth Judicial District Military Court.

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